News last update:14 Jan 2016

Chinese feed delegates learn about feed safety

A group of managing directors of seven Chinese feed companies visited The Netherlands to learn more about feed safety assurance.
The main goal of the visit was to perceive the practical implications of GMP+ feed safety assurance, to learn about technical aspects of feed production and animal husbandry and to look for possibilities of business.
The delegates were impressed by the impact of GMP+ certification, which is not only a certification scheme, but also a ‘way of life’, because it is effective at all levels in the visited companies and covers the whole chain.
Based on the principles of ‘learning, enlightenment and cooperation’, the mission of Chinese feed companies carried out an eight-day intensive visit to The Netherlands organized by GMP+ International.
The delegation visited six enterprises and three institutions and participated in one B2B matchmaking seminar at the Floriade (Venlo).
More than 10 European enterprises from The Netherlands, Poland, Germany and France, who are GMP+ certified companies, also attended this seminar.
Relevant aspects
Five relevant aspects were perceived as worthwhile.
  1. The degree of automation and intensification of the Dutch animal husbandry and feed industry is high, which will definitely become the developing direction for China’s animal husbandry and feed industry too.
  2. Dutch animal husbandry and feed industry are characterized by standardization, internationalization and specialization, which are worthy of Chinese enterprises for reference.
  3. By participating in the GMP+ FSA scheme, all levels in the companies are involved and all enterprises in the industry chain form a community of interests, which contributed to the achievement of industrial self-regulation and guaranteed feed safety.
  4. Dutch feed associations and civil organizations are the faithful friends of the enterprises. Their strong sense of service and equal exchange mechanism are worthwhile of learning by China’s related organizations.
  5. The meeting contributed to getting business contact for export of Chinese products to Europe and vice versa and the intention to cooperate with European enterprises.
GMP+ International intends to organize more of this kind of missions from China to Europe in the future.

Dick Ziggers

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