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Drought caused increase in US corn contamination

Many US states have experienced an increase in corn contamination in the 2012 harvest compared to 2011. In Missouri more than 50% of the corn harvested by October was contaminated by Aspergillus Flavus mould compared to 8% in 2011.

Drought conditions don’t cause the mould, but they do help speed its expansion. “It's really a climate variable issue,” says Barbara Stinson, founding and senior partner of Meridian Institute, a public policy organization. “We're probably looking at an increase in aflatoxin as a result of that.”

Last year’s drought increased the spread of the mould aspergillus (Aspergillus flavus), a fungal pathogen that poisons cattle, kills pets and has infected the 2012 corn crop, rendering significant portions of the harvest unfit for consumption.

“We have a big aflatoxin problem,” says Charles Woloshuk, a botanist and plant pathologist at Purdue University. “There are loads of corn coming to the [grain] elevators that have been rejected.”

In general the US agricultural industry suffers yearly losses of more than US$190 million due to aspergillus.


Source: Scientific American


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  • Dr.VJS Sidhaye

    Poultry and dairy farmers all over the world must be alert regarding feeding of their poultry/livestock by using imported maize from USA. Rejected maize will be dumped in by so many I/E agents. Feed millers specifically from India should take note of it. P/L farmers should start using top quality toxin binders in their formulatins before aflatoxines set in the digestive track of P/L, the concentration of these various toxins would be on highre side.There would be a unbearable loss in export market--don't wait for the bad effects of these toxines. A caution has been raised regarding the maize crop of 2012.
    Dr.Sidhaye ( Veterinary Nutritionist) Pune.

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