News last update:14 Jan 2016

Prevalence of multiple mycotoxins pose risk for animal production

During the European Mycotoxin Sumit Alltech presented the results of their summer harvest survey, using Alltech’s 37+ Program.

The aim of the survey was to give a clear overall picture of the mycotoxin hazards throughout Europe. It was hoped to also help to highlight particular species that are at risk and the regions which have a higher incidence of mycotoxin contamination. A high prevalence of Fumonisins and Type B Trichothecenes were found throughout Europe, together making up more than 95% of all mycotoxins discovered.

Throughout Europe over 95% of samples contained multiple mycotoxins. Fumonisins and Type B Trich. caused the most serious issues - Type B Trich. the single biggest problem. The overall combined effect of all mycotoxins has led to caution for multiple animal species.

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