News last update:14 Jan 2016

Permitted aflatoxin level in milk to be restored

Dragan Glamocic, Serbian Minister of Agriculture recently signed the Book of regulations for the allowed limit of aflatoxin in milk to be re-established to the European level of 0.05 micrograms per kilogram as of July 1.

"The EU regulation in this field is the strictest in the world," said Glamocic, adding that Serbia's goal is to join the EU so it must try to implement the standards set by the European Union.

The permitted level of aflatoxin in Serbia was raised to 0.5 micrograms per kilogram when higher-than-allowed levels of this toxin were found in corn and milk over a year ago. On this occasion the minister noted that "milk was safe for consumption in the previous period and it will be even safer now".

Glamocic noted that the milk control is carried out by laboratories, inspection services but for the most part the dairies themselves, adding that the National Milk Laboratory in Novi Sad will start operating in early summer, while the laboratory in the Belgrade municipality of Batajnica is scheduled to open next year.

He urged animal feed and milk processors and milk and dairy manufacturers to be careful and take all measures to prevent the aflatoxin level to exceed the limit of 0.05 micrograms per kilogram.

"It is something that all of us together should work on in the future – pay more attention to the manner of storing corn and raw materials, handling milk, feeding cows," said Glamocic. He added that the contracts to be signed on Thursday between the Ministry officials and the commercial banks as guarantors of loans to farmers under more favourable conditions will also contribute to ensuring this.



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