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Kemin launches new mycotoxins binder

Animal nutrition company Kemin launched a new and improved mycotoxin binder that works at different pH levels and prevents the absorption of mycotoxins.

The approach Kemin scientists and researchers have applied is helping animals avoid absorbing mycotoxins in the gastro-intestinal tract. With that focus and past success using binders, they further developed what has proven to be the most cost effective solution – the inclusion of a mycotoxins' binder in feed, which provides binding efficacy for a wide variety of mycotoxins at different pH levels.

Blend of activated clays

The binder* contains a blend of specifically activated clays, including bentonite (1m558), fulfilling the European Regulation 1060/2013 as an aflatoxin B1 binder, and a new organic ingredient. This updated formula has a higher binding efficacy versus all mycotoxins. It is especially suited for mycotoxin control in sensitive species (i.e. breeders, piglets, etc). It is also the main choice in case of the co-presence of different mycotoxins.


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