News last update:14 Jan 2016

Foss launches new solutions for testing agri products

Near infrared specialist (NIR) Foss have added two new analytical solutions to their portfolio. The products cover a test to improve grain handling and nitrogen analysis in grain.

Infratec NOVA: Next generation Infratec test to improve grain handling

Infratec™ NOVA is the 6th generation of the renowned Infratec NIR testing platform with new functionality to help grain receivers handle more grain samples in less time. New levels of usability improve operations while dynamic sub-sampling makes the new instrument 20% faster than other NIR solutions when testing normal grain samples.

Dumatec 8000: New innovative approach to Dumas nitrogen analysis

The Dumas method is increasingly popular for measuring nitrogen in a broad range of food and feed products. The Dumatec™ 8000 offers a number of innovative features that makes the method simpler and faster for busy laboratories. Instantaneous analysis of all nitrogen resulting from the test procedure gives reliable Dumas measurements within three minutes.


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