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Aflatoxin B1: changes in risk profile Spain

The risk profile for Aflatoxin B1 for Spanish maize is changed from ‘Low’ to ‘Medium’.

This means that maize originating from Spain must be analysed more frequently because the risk of the presence of Aflatoxin B1 is called medium. The changed protocol takes effect on July 7 2017. The risk profile for Spain has been adjusted after evaluation of the available analysis results of Aflatoxin B1 in maize GMP+ International adjusted the risk profile for Aflatoxin B1, together with other accepted scheme holders.

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Keep risk profiles up to date

To be able to reclassify countries, it is important for as much GMP+ participants as possible to upload their analysis results to the GMP+ Monitoring database and to share it with the GMP+ community. This will help the global feed industry be up to date on risk profiles per country and take appropriate actions when needed.


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