International Webinar Week: Mycotoxin management

All About Feed invites you to pre-register for a new webinar on mycotoxin mangement, broadcasted during the Misset International Webinar Week.

The webinar will be aired live on on 17 November 11:00 CET and will be part of the Misset International Webinar Week, from 16 until 20 November 2020. Mycotoxins are causing severe economic losses worldwide and are a serious risk for the health of all livestock. Mycotoxin management, therefore, has the utmost priority for animal producers. A line up of 3 renowned speakers will shed light on the exposure levels of farm animals and the different strategies for mycotoxin elimination.

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International Webinar Week: Mycotoxin management

Julia Laurain, For Feed Product Specialist at Olmix
Topic: “Testing toxin binders with in vivo references models : animals don’t lie!
Focus on:
- Evaluating toxin binders with in vivo versus in vitro models
-Results obtained with MT.X+ in swine and poultry with in vivo model

Dr. Clarisse Techer, Research Innovation Development manager at Mixscience
Topic: “From in vitro to in vivo : key criteria to select the most effective toxin binder”
Focus on:
- Key criteria to evaluate the efficacy of the products

Regiane Santos, DVM, PhD Researcher at Schothorst Feed Research
Topic: “Mycotoxins and farm animals: the realistic exposure levels”
Focus on:
- Routine and occasional mycotoxin exposure
- Mixtures of mycotoxins
- Other dietary factors interacting with mycotoxins