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News last update:29 Jan 2016

Insect protein project receives innovation award

The EC-funded project PROteINSECT is recognised for its ambitious innovation potential in using insect-based protein for animal feed.

PROteINSECT has received an award for its work in enabling the exploitation of insects as a novel and sustainable protein source for farmed chicken, pigs and fish, investigating processing, production, safety and quality, mapping consumer acceptance, conducting animal feeding trials and publishing a Consensus Business Case to explore the market potential of this novel protein. The award was launched by CommBeBiz; an EC-funded project working with bioeconomy researchers and their projects to enable effective and speedier transfer of knowledge to key stakeholders including industry and policy players.

Raising awareness for insect research

PROteINSECT was selected as one of only eight EC-funded projects to have demonstrated exceptional business or social innovation potential. The winners each presented their projects at the EBN Congress in Brussels on 29th October, to an audience of judges, industry experts, EBN's bioeconomy special interest group and the media. Edward Barnes, who accepted the award on behalf of PROteINSECT, says, "It's fantastic to be given this award in acknowledgement of the work of all our researchers. The exposure will also be hugely beneficial in raising awareness of our research, and building relationships with key stakeholders in Europe."

Ready for 'next steps'

For its support package prize, PROteINSECT has requested help with defining value proposition, channels to market, cost structure and revenue streams – to help its development both scientifically and commercially before the project ends early next year. Dr Elaine Fitches, coordinator of PROteINSECT, says, "It's an exciting time to be involved in the alternative protein market and this award opens many more avenues to us, both to  identify and set in motion important 'next steps' beyond the close of the project and to keep the public up-to-date with our research and results. We're looking forward to utilising the support now available to us via CommBeBiz to make the most of this opportunity."

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