News last update:6 Aug 2012

Latin American feed makers unite

The office of the Brazilian Feed Industry Association Sindracoes is now also home base for the newly formed Latin American feed industry association – Feed Latina.

Feed Latina operates as a regional feed association that encompasses the entire Latina American continent and the Caribbean.

President of the new association has been elected Mario Sergio Cutait, who also is president of Sindracoes.

He will be assisted by Antonio Pedroza of the Animal Nutrition and Feed Industry Council of Mexico (CONAFAB), who has been elected as vice president for the Mexican and Caribbean region.

Dr Fernando Eluchans of the Chamber of Animal Nutrition Industry Argentina (CAENA) was elected vice president for the South American region and Dr Ariovaldo Zanni, CEO of Sindracoes, was appointed Feed Latina's first director-treasurer.

Better communication
One of the first actions will be to develop a professional and scientific base for the region including a communication network that will allow Feed Latina to address the technical and regulatory demands that face the region.

Big advantage of Feed Latina will be in communication. Other feed groups such as the European Fefac, US AFIA and Chinese CFIA will be able to reach the Latin American region via one association. It saves the strenuous job of travelling and communicating with each country separately.

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