News last update:6 Aug 2012

Polish new official language for GMP+ International

As of now GMP+ International will communicate in Polish as well. On the website information can be accessed in the Polish language.

The introduction of the fourth official language marks the growth of the number of companies in this Central European country that are certified for the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme.
At the middle of December 2010 a total of approximately 350 Polish companies were participants in the Feed Safety Assurance scheme.
Next to the ‘superpowers' Germany (over 4,700 participants) and the Netherlands (almost 4,500 participants), Poland now ranks third as far as the number of participants is concerned.
There has been a growth of nearly 10% since the middle of this year.
Increasing interest
In Poland there is an increasing interest in safe food. "The feed chain responds to this and prefers joining an existing, internationally operating certification scheme rather than developing a scheme of its own", says director Johan den Hartog of GMP+ International.
This is caused partly by the fact that the Polish feed chain is oriented more internationally, because of - among other reasons - the take-over of Polish companies by foreign companies (among which Dutch ones).
When purchasing from and delivering to companies in all neighbouring countries, they can then do business with other GMP+ FSA certified companies.
Transporters largest group
Transporters currently constitute the largest group of participants (inland navigation vessels  more than 155 and road transport nearly 140 companies).
Companies involved in production, transhipment, storage and trade constitute the third group, with more than 50 participants.
For these participants as well as for new participants it is now easier to find their way in the documents belonging to the GMP+ FSA scheme.
Incidentally, it goes for the Polish version, just like for the versions in other languages that the documents in the English language continue to take precedence and to be binding.
After English, German and Dutch, Polish is now the fourth official language of GMP+ International.
Information about (the contents of) GMP+ FSA, the participating companies and about GMP+ International as the manager of the scheme can be found in these languages on

Dick Ziggers

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