News last update:6 Aug 2012

Confidence for Campina to start with healthy milk

A large number of Campina member-farmers in the Netherlands have applied to produce Campina milk with a more balanced fatty acid composition. The overwhelming response represents a new and important step in preparing for the introduction of the Campina milk in the spring of 2007.

Based on these applications, Campina is now confident that from next spring it can annually supply Dutch consumers with about 200 million litres of healthy milk and buttermilk with a more balanced fatty acid composition.
Selection of farms

In the coming weeks Campina will be making a selection from the dairy farms that submitted applications. This selection is based, among others, on the location of the dairy farm (to keep transport costs at a minimum), the feed supplier (a minimum of 45 dairy farms per point of contact in the cattle feed sector) and the dairy farmer's commitment to outdoor grazing during the grazing season.


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