News last update:6 Aug 2012

Biomin® IMB 52 obtains EU authorization

Biomin® IMB 52, a microbial feed additive based on a single strain of Enterococcus faecium DSM 3530 has gained EU registration for chicken.

The results of three growth trials provided evidence that the inclusion of Enterococcus faecium Biomin® IMB 52 in complete feed improves weight gain of chickens. Also the FEEDAP Panel considered the product safe for the target animals, the consumer, user and the environment.

MIC values for the tested antibiotics were below the FEEDAP breakpoints indicating the absence of resistance against antibiotics of human and veterinary importance. The E. faecium DSM 3530 was shown free from known virulence determinants.

Beneficial gut flora
Biomin® IMB 52 is part of the existing Biomin probiotic products Biomin® C-EX and Biomin® IMBO. All these products are based on natural raw materials combining the beneficial effects of probiotics, prebiotics and immune-stimulating substances and are used particularly in the diets of young animals to help establish a healthy gut and support the unspecific immune-system.
The probiotic Biomin® IMB 52 helps to establish and stabilise a beneficial gut microflora and to prevent pathogen colonization due to fast proliferation, colonization and acidification in the gut. The immune-stimulating components enhance the innate immune system and thus improve the resistance to infections. The beneficial gut micro-flora is additionally supported by the prebiotic component in the products. Young animals will be more resistant against invading pathogenic bacteria and thus to enteric disease.

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