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Delacon 1st Asian Seminar Tour succesful

Delacon had successfully concluded the first Asian Seminar Tour, visiting Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. The main objective of the "Performing Nature" tour was to raise the profile of Phytogenic Feed Additives.


From Schothorst Feed Research, the Netherlands, Dr. Jan Dirk van der Klis, PhD, talked about Microflora and Intestinal Health in Broiler and the Phytogenic Feed Additives role. From Korea's Dankook University, Prof. Kim In-ho, spoke about research carried out on FRESTA® F Conc. on sows and piglets. It also coincided with the timing for him to present his latest research finding on the use of AROMEX®ME on growing-finishing pigs in Korea.

The third guest speaker, Prof. Wilhelm Windisch from University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Science in Vienna, Austria, explored the various aspects on non-antibiotic feed additives including phytogenic feed additives. He also touched upon Mechanism and Application of Phytogenic in Poultry.

The guest speakers were supported by Stephane Jolain, Delacon Regional Manager Western Europe, who gave an overview about upcoming challenges in animal production, given the facts of high raw material cost and disease pressure. Dr. Sze Eng Kian, Regional Manager for the Asia Pacific Area discussed a check list under the topic "Same, Same, but different" to evaluate the important parameters for a purchase decision of a phytogenic feed additive.

The seminars were well attended throughout the tour and has attracted more than 250 representatives from the feed industry, livestock integrators, as well as researchers.

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