News last update:6 Aug 2012

Cesfac recognises feed professionals

For the first time, the Spanish feed industry organisation Cesfac will award several people and organisations that have contributed to the improvement of the national feed industry.

At its General Assembly on March 28 in Madrid Cesfac will present the first medals to recognize the people and institutions that contribute with their work to the improvement and excellence of the feed sector. The first beneficiaries of these recognitions public will be:

  • D. Ignacio Arranz, general director of the Spanish Agency for Feed safety and Nutrition for his support in implementing the programs on feed safety and traceability in the feed chain. 
  • D. Alexander Döring, Secretary General of the European Federation of Compound Feed Manufacturers (Fefac), for his efforts in defending the rights of intellectual property of feed compounders. The so-called 'open declaration' of animal feed has always been strongly opposed by Fefac. 
  • Foundation FEDNA, for its continuous efforts in creating and distribution of knowledge regarding animal nutrition. 
  • Magazine Ganadería (cattle farming), by its support of the interests of the animal feed sector in general and Cesfac in particular.
  • The medals will be presented by Cesfac D. Enrique Ulloa, and several government representatives and members of parliament will be present during the ceremony.

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