News last update:6 Aug 2012

CFIA approves yeast additive for beef cows

Lallemand Animal Nutrition of Milwaukee got approval to use Levucell SC in Canadian beef cattle. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) also allowed the company to use the claim that the product "increases average daily gain when fed as directed" to beef cattle.

CFIA approved Levucell (a yeast additive) for use in dairy cow rations in 2002, the company noted. The company also already has authorization to sell the additive for both beef and dairy rations in the European Union.

Beef trials
Beef trials showed an 8% increase in average daily weight gain, the company said. When beef cattle were submitted to the "high stress" of "intensive farming conditions," disease indicators dropped from 17% to 3%. "Improvement in meat quality was also noticed with a 50% increase in highest carcass grade," Lallemand said, adding that its studies covered a "large range" of environments, diets, breeds and farming conditions.

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