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Adisseo releases new trial results in pigs

Adisseo, manufacturer of enzymes for monogastric feeds, has announced the results of a some recent in vivo trials on fattening pigs.

Using Rovabio® as part of a reformulation strategy increases digestibility up to 1.8%. Used 'on top', the addition of Rovabio® leads to heavier pigs at slaughter (+2 kg).

Using Rovabio®, Adisseo's multi-enzyme preparation increases ileal digestible energy and net energy up to 1.8%, for a high energy diet, conclude recent trials conducted on growing pigs by Adisseo' Research Center on Nutrition (CERN), based at Commentry (Allier-France). In the case of low energy diet reformulated with Rovabio®, net energy which is entirely available for growth, is improved by 1.5%.

In addition, feeds with various levels of corn, wheat and barley were tested for energy digestibility on 8 ileo-anastomosed pigs, using a latin square design and the same methodology as for amino-acid digestibility. Similar improvements are observed for amino acid digestibility, allowing feed reformulation at a lower level of energy and amino-acids, without changing animal performances. Consequently, the inclusion of Rovabio® reduces feed prices by 2 to 3% or up to 5.8 Euros in reformulated feed without any change in ingredient limitations. "Of course, it is also possible to get further reduction cost using a higher inclusion of grain by-products with high fiber content and low price", says Pierre Dalibard, Adisseo Global Technical Manager.

'On top strategy' : + 2kg live weight at slaughter
Using Rovabio® 'on-top' of feeds improves fattening pigs performance, also conclude additional trials conducted at CERN (Centre d'Expérimentation et de Recherche en Nutrition). With a progressively restricted feeding program during the growth phase, first ad libitum up to 60-70 kg, then restricted feeding until slaughter, Rovabio® increases significantly daily intake and consequently average daily gain, from 1,4% to 5,9% during the first phase, depending on the type of diet. Then, on global fattening period, the average daily gain is increased from 2,4% (+2,1 Kg live weight), with a wheat-barley-soybean meal, to 3,7% (+2,5 Kg live weight) with a corn-soybean meal.

With a permanently restricted feeding program, the addition of Rovabio® increases average daily gain and also improves feed conversion. As feed is strictly restricted, Rovabio® does not change the daily feed intake but increases the average daily gain. Feed restriction must be monitored carefully in relation to the potential growth curve.

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