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Yeast culture products boost cow health

Vi-COR, a manufacturer of specialized yeast culture products for poultry, swine and dairy feed, has devoted the past 12 years to understanding yeast culture and why it offers health benefits to livestock.

This understanding has driven the company’s development of livestock products such as Celmanax, which is helping dairy producers and university veterinary schools boost the health of their cows.
"Celmanax is a non-antibiotic remedy with no fear of doing harm to the animals," says Dr. Sheila McGuirk at University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.
McGuirk and Dr. Keith Poulson use this yeast culture to treat calves and cows admitted to their teaching hospital for diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. It is an important part of their supportive care for these animals.
Use in working dairies
The benefits are also seen on working dairies. "We started adding the product to our calves' milk and noticed healthier, more aggressive calves," says Sutton Rucks, a dairy producer in Okeechobee, Florida.
"Our grower called and asked what we were doing differently. I told him, the only protocol change that we have made is the addition of yeast culture. His response was to keep using it."
"Celmanax is unlike any other yeast culture product on the market because it combines the benefits of yeast culture, yeast extract and hydrolyzed yeast," says Vi-COR CEO Mark Holt.
"When you buy this single product, you will see a much better return on investment than you would if buying and mixing multiple yeast products. "
Celmanax comes in three product forms:
- Dry is a granular product that is easy to handle and easy to dose for a variety of livestock.
- Liquid delivers the same benefits as dry yeast products and is specially formulated for liquid feed and milk replacer applications.
- SCP is the industry's first water-soluble yeast culture and is an ultra concentrated product.
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Dick Ziggers

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