News last update:7 Aug 2012

GMP+ International builds on feed safety assurance in China

GMP+ International builds on the further introduction of feed safety assurance in China. After two training courses for employees of compound feed companies and premix production companies, GMP+ International will publish the standards of the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme in the Chinese language later this year.

In January 2011 in Shanghai, China, an introduction training ‘GMP+' was held. The training was organized in close cooperation with the CFIA, the Chinese Feed Industry Association.
During this training a lot of relevant items regarding the application of the GMP+ FSA requirements were introduced to about 50 participants.
Topics that were introduced:
  • HACCP principles, and its application for controlling the feed safety
  • Quality management system, and its supporting function for carrying out a good HACCP plan
  • Prerequisite programme (including training and education of personnel, buildings and facilities, maintenance, pest control, the cleaning program, waste control, the use of water & air, etc), necessary to implement a successful HACCP plan
  • European Feed Legislation, especially the requirements regarding feed safety
  • GMP+ product standards for realising safe feed
  • Methods to control residues of feed additives and feed medicines
  • GMP+ purchase requirements, including the introduction of a special GMP+ Country Note for China. These requirements are important because GMP+ has the philosophy that in order to create safe feed for animals, the whole feed chain has to control the risks
  • Monitoring, sampling and analyzing
  • Tracking & tracing in the feed mill
The different lectures were given by employees of GMP+ International, a researcher from Rikilt of Wageningen University &Research and an auditor from a certification body.
The lectures, which included photos and special cases, were presented to the participants in order to help them to understand the practical consequences of the implementation of the GMP+ FSA requirements.
The lectures and hand-outs were translated into the Chinese language. GMP+ International will look to distribute the information by organising a next training course second half of 2011 and by way of so-called webinars.
The training course intended to introduce to the Chinese compound feed companies the specific GMP+ standards and requirements, and to help them to improve the already existing Quality Management Systems, that are mainly based on ISO9001 and the general HACCP principles (see
It was the second time that such training was held in China. The first time was in October 2010, in Beijing.

Dick Ziggers

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