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Metabolic Explorer and Roquette progress on bio-L-Methionine

The positive results of zootechnical tests initiated on poultry and piglets pave the way to the industrialisation phase of the from biological resources derived L-Methionine project developed under an exclusive license.

France based Roquette, specialist in renewable raw materials processing, and METabolic EXplorer, (Metex) a green chemistry company specialised in fermentationprocesses, jointly announced a major step forward in their exclusive partnership for the biological production of first 100% bio-based L-Methionine.
Methionine is an essential amino acid in poultry and piglet diets. This amino acid is currently made from propylene, a crude oil derivative, via a synthetic chemical process. This global market for animal feed is estimated at 850,000 tonnes with an approximate value of US$2.85 billion in 2011.
Tests in pigs and poultry
Trials carried out in poultry have shown very good results in terms of nutritional efficiency, results that are comparable to those achieved with petrochemical Methionine. The nutritional tests carried out on piglets in 2011 also demonstrated excellent results.
Following up on these zootechnical tests, Roquette is preparing an analytical and toxicological file in order to obtain European approval. This file will be finalized in mid-2012.
Industrialization phase under study
Having achieved high performance with poultry and piglets, the company is now initiating an industrial engineering study on the basis of a significant production capacity.
Jean-Bernard Leleu, Roquette Deputy Managing Director, states: "L-Methionine production from renewable resources is one of the flagship innovation projects in plant-based chemistry and nutrition for the Roquette Group. This project is an illustration of the Group's desire to secure a strong position among global industrial players in these two areas".
Benjamin Gonzalez, METabolic EXplorer CEO, adds: "These new milestones achieved and the desire of our partner, Roquette, to now move to the industrial phase are evidence of the innovation and performance characteristic of METabolic EXplorer processes".

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