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New opportunities for yeast bio-feed products after stricter regulations

China will implement its novel Management Regulations for Feed and Feed Additives on May 1st, 2012 with the aim to strengthen the management for quality and safety of feed and feed additives.

"The implementation of the new regulations will bring greater market development opportunities to safe, nutritional and health feed products, such as yeast source bio-feeds, said Yu Xuefeng, executive director of China Feed Industry Association and the president of Angel Yeast.
With the improvement of living standards, the public are increasingly in contradiction with the application of antibiotics in feed industry.
As it is nutrient-rich, the demand of yeast products is growing rapidly in the animal feed and health industry. In recent years, more and more products originate from yeast are used by international users and domestic enterprises to reduce antibiotic applications.
New production line
Angel Yeast has begun to set up a new manufacturing line especially for the production of feed yeast products in Yichang, China, which is expected to start operating in May 2012 with an annual production capacity of 25,000 tonnes.
"We should push ahead with the application of yeast sourced bio-feeds vigorously to improve the technological development and satisfy the consumer’s demand for safe, nutritional and healthy products,” Yu added.
As a natural functional animal feed, the yeast can improve the balance of animal gastrointestinal tract microflora\micro-environment and increase digestibility.
The selenium enriched yeast produced by bio-fermentation can work as safe and efficient organic selenium source and reduce environment pollution with inorganic selenium.
The yeast cell wall can help enhancing immunity and decreasing animal diseases and antibiotic applications.
And autolyzed yeast is rich in essential nucleotides for young animal growth that can promote the development of the animal immune system and intestinal villi.
Starting from 2002, Angel Yeast Co., the largest yeast manufacturer in China and the third largest yeast manufacturer in the world, entered the animal nutrition industry with their “Fubon” brand and became the first supplier of yeast source feed in China.

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