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Taiwan: Cow dung thrown to protest against ractopamine in beef

Taiwanese farmers threw cow dung at parliament in protest against a bill being debated which would allow the import of beef containing ractopamine from the USA.

Ractopamine, an animal feed additive that promotes leanness, is banned in Taiwan, China and the European Union because of possible human health risks. However, other countries including the US, Canada and Australia claim it to be safe.
The ruling Kuomintang, which has a majority, has been pushing for the bill claiming it will facilitate the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement with the United States.
But the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party opposes it.
"We urge President Ma Ying-jeou and the lawmakers to be brave and tell the United States we don't want beef containing ractopamine, to guard public health," the Consumers' Foundation said.

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    magdi mohamed abdou ahmed ibraheem rayan

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