More Chinese companies seeing benefits of GMP+

With the emphasis on high quality feeds and feed additives becoming more important over the past years, more and more Chinese enterprise are becoming involved with GMP+, the assurance system on feed quality and safety.

With the issuing and implementation of more stringent new feed regulation in 2012. A new round of changes have been implement in the Chinese feed industry. These not only include the improvement of industrial administration systems, reorganisation and integration of feed and related companies, but also increasing requirements of high quality feed products. And the GMP+, quality and safety assurance system, tailored for feed industry, is becoming increasingly popular in China. Up to now, more than 34 Chinese based company have implement the GMP+ assurance system

“Involving GMP+ can not only increase the recognition of product quality of a company and in turn give a competitive advantage, but also increase the management level of a company for higher quality products”, stated M. Yu Xuefeng, the standing director of the Chinese Association of Feed Industry.

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, the biggest yeast company in Asia, has recently received the GMP+ certificate. The Fubon series of yeast-source biofeed produced by Angel is now very popular in animal husbandry field across the world.


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