News last update:6 Aug 2012

More fishmeal to feed Chinese pigs

Tecnologica de Alimentos (TASA), the world's No. 1 fishmeal producer, expects its exports to jump 33% this year to $400 million, thanks to increased production and growing demand from China during its Year of the Pig.

China is expected to purchase more fishmeal to use as livestock feed as demand for pork grows during Year of the Pig celebrations, according to Humberto Speziani of TASA. He said global fishmeal prices could increase as much $50 a ton this year from a current $1,200 a ton.

Peru number 1
Peru is the world's biggest producer of fishmeal, accounting for about 30% of global production. TASA operates 16 fish processing plants, the last inaugurated in January, with a output capacity to produce 455 tonnes a day of frozen mackerel.  "In 2006, exports were $300 million and this year we could reach $400 million in fishmeal, oil, frozen and canned foods (exports)," according to Speziani.

Fishmeal, processed by TASA mainly from anchovies caught in the Pacific, is a feed supplement high in protein and can be used in livestock, including pork, and poultry feed like soymeal.

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