News last update:6 Aug 2012

EFSA: keep ban cattle blood in fish feed

Despite the wish of the European Animal Protein Association to reintroduction bovine spray dried red cells as an ingredient for fish feed, the EFSA says no to any relaxation of the ban.

After the assessment of the potential dangers of adding bovine blood compounds to fish feed, EFSA's Scientific Panel on Biological Hazards concluded that currently there is insufficient data to quantify the degree of BSE risk for animal or human health from feeding cattle blood products to farmed fish.

According to the Panel, there would also be an undesired side effect from adding bovine blood to feed for fish, as this would potentially limit the suitability of current detection methods to distinguish between the blood and other prohibited bovine by-products in animal feeds, such as Specified Risk Materials (SRMs) which include cattle brain, spinal cord and other potentially BSE infectious tissues.

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Source: TheFishSite

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