News last update:6 Aug 2012

Dutch dairy coop to use sustainable soy

Friesland Foods, one of the largest dairy coops in the Netherlands, has said that from 2009 on it will only allow soy to be fed to its cows that has been grown according to sustainability standards.

With this decision it refutes the arguments of the Dutch Nature and Environment Foundation, which said that Friesland Foods only talks about sustainable soy but does not act.

Friesland Foods will purchase its soy from areas that not have been deforested for creating arable land. Furthermore the dairy company not only said this, but also demands that the farmers and labourers in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay are on standard.

This is also one of the reasons Friesland Foods participates in the Round Table for Sustainable Soy production.

The other main dairy producer in the Netherlands, Campina, already in 2006 committed itself to the use of sustainable soy for its dairy cows. The coop used 10,000 tonnes in 2006 and 33,000 tonnes of sustainable soy in 2007.

Campina wants to switch completely to the use of sustainable soy in 2011. This will require a volume of 150,000 tonnes.

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