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Finnish animal feed found to contain banned cow part

A Finnish food manufacturer, Saarioinen's, has admitted they have been using cow intestines in animal feed for years. Cow intestines have been banned by officials for fear of carrying mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy

Saarioinen CEO Ilkka Mäkelä said on Wednesday that the company management recently discovered that cow intestines may have been used in animal feed for years. The practice has, however, now stopped.
The problem was first brought to light by a Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) inspector in January. A an internal probe has been launched into how potentially dangerous cow parts came to be mixed into feed. Evira is meanwhile looking into why it did not catch the company's compliance failure at an earlier date.
One case of mad cow disease was detected in Finland in 2001. After the incident, Finland began widespread testing for the disease.
Saarioinen’s slaughterhouse is based in Jyväskylä

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    This Finnish food manufacturer wanted to finish their countrymen with mad cow disease. Saarioinen is not afraid of mad cow disease but their officials are fearful. He will learn his lesson if one day he and his family will get the disease!

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