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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Ministry blamed for deadly camel feed

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Agriculture is being held responsible for the deaths of over 2,000 camels in the kingdom over the past few months, according to findings of a probe released on Monday.

A special committee to the advisory Shoura Council called on a government company to supervise the production and distribution of camel fodder - which was found to contain large amounts of toxins in tests last month - to avoid 'criminal activity or foul play'.

Saudi camel breeders that lost herds worth millions of dollars also held the Ministry of Agriculture responsible for the losses after the ministry last month confirmed that toxins in animal feed rather than disease killed the camels.

Breeders have lost over 5,000 camels, cows and goats from ingesting traces of aluminium, the agricultural antibiotic salinomycin and an unspecified fungus in the feed.

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