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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Supplier assessment guide for feed

The Central College of Experts for the Animal Feed Sector (CCvDD) in the Netherlands have published a guide that helps a feed company to set up a good system for supplier assessment or with which it can improve an existing assessment method.

The selection, assessment, approval and evaluation of suppliers of raw materials and auxiliary substances and services (the 'supplier assessment') is an important part of the quality assurance of feed safety by a compound feed company. This is also recognized within the GMP+ certification scheme .

The compound feed industry as well as the dairy and meat industry requested at the beginning of 2006 for the extension of the GMP+ certification scheme with additional provisions concerning the assessment of suppliers. The Product Board for Margarine, Fats and Oils (MVO) in the Netherlands, however, holds the opinion that a supplier assessment should be based on a specific risk analysis and should not be prescribed by GMP+ with general strict rules.

Adjustment present regulation
In conjunction with other sector associations, MVO therefore repeatedly rejected the proposed adjustments of the GMP+ conditions of supplier assessment. Finally, the CCvDD concluded mid-2007 that the basis for adjustment of the present regulation was insufficient. As a compromise, it was decided to set up a guide for supplier assessment instead. This guide for supplier assessment has recently been made available by the Dutch Product Board Animal Feed (PDV).

The guide has no normative status under the GMP+ certification scheme, but must be seen as a tool for carrying out supplier assessment within the framework of the GMP+ certification scheme. The guide can of course also be an aid to companies which participate in another certification scheme in the carrying out of the supplier assessment.

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