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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Biomin writes overview on organic acid based products and the market

As the world demand increases for safe poultry and pork, and the ban on antibiotics continues, feed additives such as organic acids in their preservative role have increasingly taken centre stage.

While the market is saturated and the demand for top quality poultry and pork in industrialised countries is more or less stable, improving living standards in other countries and an increase in the worldwide population results in a steadily increasing demand for poultry and pork meat.

This together with the ban of antibiotics to secure the supply of safe food is expected to result in an increased demand for animal feed additives.

Especially the ban of antibiotics within the EU has moved acidifiers in the centre of attention, as they are the next most adequate alternative to the use of antibiotics.

However, in general the market seems to shift more and more from the usage of pharmaceutical products to the usage of natural feed ingredients not least to gain - after a number of food scares worldwide - back the consumers’ trust in animal products.

  • the Biomin article can be read in full here

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