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News last update:6 Aug 2012

First Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program certificates issued

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) is pleased to announce that Eurofins Scientific Inc. (ESI), an independent third-party auditor, has issued the first three Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program certificates.

This voluntary, third-party facility certification program is designed specifically for companies manufacturing pet food or pet food ingredients. The Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program (PFMFCP) and the Pet Food Ingredient Facility Certification Program (PFIFCP) were developed by AFIA’s pet food and quality committees with input from third-party food safety experts.
These two certification programs build upon AFIA’s domestic Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program which was launched in 2004 for the feed industry. The new programs are designed to monitor the process controls specifically related to the manufacturing of pet food and should meet and in some parts exceed the anticipated requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act. AFIA is seeking FDA recognition of these programs and encourages FDA to use these programs in their risk assessment of the industry for inspection priorities.
“AFIA sees these programs as a model for the entire pet food industry,” explained Joel G. Newman, AFIA’s president and CEO. “The third-party audit follows principles laid out in both the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices as well as the basic principles of HACCP.”
The first Pet Food Manufacturing Facility Certification Program certificates have been issued and granted to The Nutro Company’s Kansas City, Mo., Victorville, Calif., and Lebanon, Tenn. facilities by ESI.
There are currently other pet food and pet food ingredient companies which are proceeding through the certification process.
ESI is the certifying body for PFMF and PFIF Certification Programs. Any interested pet food or ingredient manufacturing facility can apply for the certification by visiting

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