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Kiotechagil improves toxin binder to include mycotoxin control

Kiotechagil, the international natural feed additive supplier, has improved its Neutox, broad spectrum toxin binder which has added mould control. Neutox combines highly effective ingredients to help overcome the problems of mould contamination in animal products.

Mycotoxins, which are common in most raw materials and finished feeds, are produced by different types of mould making it impossible for a single active ingredient to inactivate the entire range of mycotoxins. More than 350 types of mycotoxins have been found with many being harmful, even at low levels, and they are now widely recognised as being one of the biggest problems associated with feed and raw materials affecting both animal health and performance.
“Our improved Neutox product comprises four active components which aim not just to control an existing problem but to remove the problem wherever possible,” said Kiotechagil’s Mike Rogers. “We advise the product is used as a matter of routine in order to avoid animal health problems and to maintain performance.”
The four active components of Neutox are aluminium and magnesium silicates, which specifically bind polar mycotoxins such as Aflatoxin, Orchratoxin and Fumonisin. It is critical to minimise the impact of these toxins which can affect the liver and kidney.
The second is purified primary growth yeast cell wall and is effective in binding non polar toxins - commonly field mycotoxins, which are predominantly based on Fusarium growth. The third, Kieselguhr amorphous silicate compliments the activity of the mineral silicates and maintains the free flow characteristics of the product and finally propionic acid which, in a safe to handle form, inhibits new mould growth and prevents new toxins in feed and raw materials.
“In research comparing the efficacy of mycotoxin binders, our reformulated Neutox gave the broadest spectrum of activity against major mycotoxin problem areas for both polar and non-polar toxins,” said Kiotechagil’s Mike Rogers.  “Neutox does not just control an existing problem but its components act together to remove the problem and boost animal performance.”

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  • Lukas Sawicki

    In my opinion the best for the animals is use of natural products of organic origin. We should put away the artificial additives as the harm they make more harm than good.
    We should look for natural hydrated aluminum silicates which ability to bind toxin and improve feed efficiency have been know for many years.
    We care about the natural environment and therefore we suggest to use natural products- for example Vital Powder is 100% natural, hydrated aluminum silicates.
    It is rich in aluminum, silicates, ferrum and carbon.

    Maybe it is worth to restore the natural circle of life and start feed animals with natural products

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