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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Pet food packaging gets more convenient

In the competitive pet food segment, packaging adds value not just by protecting the product: an eye-catching look boosts brand recognition and plays an important part in the purchasing decision, while easy-opening features are good for customer loyalty.

The Slide-Rite closure system, developed by Pactiv, is a smooth, reliable, easy-to-use closure system ensuring quick access to the contents. The product stays fresh inside its original, branded bag, and the slider's size is ideal for young as well as senior pet owners and for people with reduced dexterity.

The new 'S'-Slider system, combined with enhanced end stops, offers extra reliability thanks to improved retention of the slider. It also provides additional marketing options, as the colours of the new end stops can be varied.

"This unique solution is a competitive advantage for our customers, as it encourages brand loyalty," says Stéphane Soudais, product segment manager at Mondi for reclosable bags. "Combined with the excellent printability of our bags, we deliver an attractive, sophisticated packaging solution – not just for the pet food market."

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