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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Nutreco re-opens ruminant research facility

The Nutreco Ruminant Research Centre (RRC) has reopened its research facility, Kempenshof. The facility, based in the Netherlands, has been completely renewed and expanded.

Kempenshof can house 140 cows, which gives the RRC the possibility to do more trials and with more cow numbers than before.

Kempenshof features extensive data recording measuring feed intake, milk production, activity and weight. For feed intake, registration is realised via 60 roughage boxes and 6 automatic concentrate dispensers. This enables the researchers to obtain accurate data from a large number of cows; not only in the production stage, but also in the critical period before and around calving.

Three key areas of research
Nutreco Agri R&D works for the companies of Nutreco. The research focuses on three key areas: feedstuffs/feed technology, feed ingredients for young animals & transition periods and feed-to-food quality concepts. These R&D activities are carried out in seven research centres: the Ruminant Research Centre, the Swine Research Centre, the Poultry and Rabbit Research Centre, the Food Research Centre, the Calf Research Centre, Nutreco Canada Agresearch (multi species centre) and the Research Feed Plant. Collaboration with universities, independent research institutions and other research facilities are of the utmost importance for Nutreco Agri R&D.

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