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News last update:7 Aug 2012

Book discusses effects of biofuel industry

A new book has been published by Wageningen Academic Publishers; Biofuels- implications for the feed industry.

Increasing bio-fuel production in the future will have a major impact on the feed industry. Not only will the competition for food, fuel and feed decrease the availability of feedstuffs for animal production but, also new feedstuffs will become available for which the nutritional quality needs to be reviewed.

The nutritional value and usability of the by-products as feedstuffs will be the main focus of the book. In particular, rapeseed meal and glycerine from biodiesel production and DDGS from bioethanol production are discussed. For each product comprehensive research data summarising the variation in quality and production systems, the energy and protein value for each animal category and the effects on animal production are presented.

Additionally, this book gives an overview of the current and future developments of the emerging bioenergy production. Broad topics which are addressed are: the global potential for bioenergy production, the enormous increase in bioethanol production in the U.S. against the backdrop of a developing bioethanol production in the EU and the future effects on supply and demand of the grain and feedstuff market. This book will update nutritionists, researchers, traders and those working in the allied industry on the current 'state of knowledge' of the usability of the different by products from biofuel production in specific animal feeds.

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