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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Food, feed, fuel at Alltech symposium

The new energy crisis and the wide ranging implications it is having on the animal feed industry was highly addressed during the Alltech's Annual International Feed Symposium (May 20-23). New technologies required to address this energy crisis as well as emphazing existing technologies and their capabilities was also the main topic during this big annual event.

Alltech's founder and president, Dr. Pearse Lyons, captured the audience attention by urging them to 'take control of their futures' by embracing these new strategies and technologies. He further added that the future of the animal feed industry will depend on specific focus areas such as integrating distillery by-products into diets, control over mycotoxin impact and alternative approaches to supplying dietary protein.

Organic selenium
Plenary sessions opened the minds of delegates with Dr. Kate Jacques, Alltech presenting on 'The world's most devastating health risk: AIDS'. According to Jacques "Selenium supplementation is clearly needed by everyone for a healthy immune system, but it is critical for people with HIV," she explained. "Organic selenium supplementation has been shown to slow HIV replication, which means it can slow the progression of HIV and AIDS." Dr. Ronan Power, director of internal research world-wide, Alltech discussed the interesting topic of 'Living to be 250; Does the fountain of youth exist?'

Medals and award
Alltech's annual Medal of Excellence was presented to Dr. Alexandros Yiannikouris and Dr. Jean-Pierre Jouany of L'Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) for their extensive work in modelling and designing strategies for eliminating the mycotoxin risk.
Looking to the future talent of the industry and the 2007 Young Animal Science award was awarded to Lucas Mascardi, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, for this research assessing Optigen as a protein source for feedlot calves.

At the closing session, Kevin Murphy of Food-Chain Communication emphasized how branding and marketing is a role for everyone in the company and how a brand is the total system the consumer purchases, not just the product. He further discussed how we must adopt new technologies because the consumer has options and if you don't take the opportunity, someone else will.

Snapshot of future
Dr. Karl Dawson, Alltech addressed key issues in the animal industry and provided delegates with a snapshot of the future. He highlighted the array of new nutritional tools available to the modern nutritionist. His discussion focused on the significance of the nitrogen platform concept and how it will redefine nitrogen metabolism and influence the efficiency of protein production in ruminants.

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