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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Texas protects its animal feed producers

Governor Rick Perry said Monday he considered the needs of Texas' ranchers (and their animals) when the state created its strategy for developing alternative sources of fuel.

"We are the no. 1 feed cattle producing state in the nation, and the producers are not happy campers when they see corn going to fuel production. So finding the balance is what this is really all about," Perry said during a news conference detailing the state's bioenergy strategy. "We don't want to be put in the place of having to decide whether we are going to feed cattle or fuel vehicles."

Perry said Texas will focus on creating biofuels through cellulosic feedstock such as switchgrass, a hardy prairie grass; wood chips; and corn stems. Texas A&M University and Chevron Corp. are working together on research to find ways to accelerate the harvesting of nonfood crops for conversion into biofuels from cellulose "It's a four-year project and it already shows tremendous progress," Perry said.

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