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News last update:6 Aug 2012

US dairy companies work on sustainability

Fonterra and Stonyfield Farm in the US are working towards a more sustainable approach through focuses such as cutting packaging waste or cow burps respectively.

Stonyfield Farm, a US-based supplier of organic products like yoghurt, says that an ongoing pilot project focusing on naturally influencing cows digestion through livestock feed is positively impacting both product quality and overall carbon footprints.

Greener cow scheme
The company, which began piloting its ‘Greener Cow’ scheme last year, is one of a number of groups researching programs looking towards potentially cutting output of greenhouse gasses such as methane from livestock.
Stonyfield says that it has fed cows at 15 Vermont Organic Valley farms supplying it operations with diets high in natural omega-3 sources like flax and grasses, a process it claims can cut saturated fats in milk and ‘re-balances’ a cow’s main stomach. As a result of this diet plan, citing research from the University of Vermont, the company claims it has been able to reduce methane generated from its cows boosting wider commitments to cutting greenhouse gas.

Waste recycling
Meanwhile, New Zealand-based Fonterra, a leading global exporter of dairy products and ingredients, claims it is on track to reuse 90 per cent of waste generated from its operations over the last twelve months, according to a new report. By redesigning its operations around using more recyclable materials as well as greater production efficiency, Fonterra has posted an additional eight to nine per cent improvement in recycling waste.


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