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News last update:6 Aug 2012

France: Sharp decline in animal feed production

For the French feed industry the year 2009 was marked by a steep decline of 5.9% in animal feeds. Poultry feeds have least decreased.

With a decline of 10.2% the biggest drop was seen in cattle feed (beef and dairy). The pig feed industry also suffered with a 6.8% reduction in production. Production of poultry feeds have least decreased with a minus of 2.9%.
The data were revealed this week by the syndicate of French animal feed industry and Coop de France.
The last quarter of 2009, with a decline of 2.8%, shows a reducing trend of the decline experienced throughout the year 2009, with the exception of milk replacers and rabbit feeds which continue to drop significantly.
The first half of the season 2009-2010, the production of feed back on a 4% overall decline to a total production of 10,208,100 tonnes.

Dick Ziggers

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