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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Innovative control system for the pet food industry

Spectroscopy innovator Ometric Corporation has announced the availability of SpectrInline Processware(TM) Pet 1.5, a new application of real-time, inline process control for the pet nutrition industry.

This new application will provide efficient, reliable high-volume process control for both wet and dry foods, said Ometric Corporation Chief Technology Officer Bob Freese. "Today, accurately measuring concentration of the compounds of interest in pet foods is only possible by testing 'thief' samples in a laboratory through the use of wet chemical methods or optical spectrometers," Freese said. "The good news now is that, with this new application, pet food manufacturers can have complete process control, at any and all points of manufacturing, from the introduction of ingredients to final validation."

Innovative applications
SpectrInline Processware Pet 1.5(TM) is installed directly in the process line, and it provides real-time measurement of the concentration of the compounds of interest. Manufacturing applications include blending, mixing monitoring, drying monitoring, material inspection, extrusion, coating and other desired quality control points. As with other industry applications of the company, the new system utilizes patented Multivariate Optical Computing(TM) technology, refined over ten years of research and development.

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