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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Petfood recall spreads to South Africa

Also in south Africa there are reports of dogs and cats becoming ill after eating petfood. Two big pet food manufacturers have already removed their products from the shelves.

Hill's Pet Nutrition, also involved in the US petfood recall, have recalled all stock of their Prescription Diet m/d Feline dry food. A spokesman said that no cats have been reported ill in the US after eating their products. The recall was purely a precautionary measure.

One of South Africa's premier petfood companies also will withdraw Vets Choice, manufactured by Royal Canin, from shelves around the country after there were signs of contamination in the food.

Vet's Choice is a premium dog food product sold only at veterinarian's offices and pet shops.

According to South African Veterinary Association's Gerhard Steenkamp there were confirmed cases of 19 dogs in Cape Town and Johannesburg who'd presented with acute renal failure, all of whom appeared to have been fed Vets choice products.

He said it was commendable that the company had decided to recall the product as soon as it heard of the problem with the food as it was unclear what had caused the problem.

Recently, Woolworths had to recall all of its dry dog and cat food due to contamination of certain products.

Dr Steenkamp said as different companies manufactured the dog and cat foods and imported them from overseas in most instances - and different ingredients were used in the manufacturing process, any link between the reports of contamination appeared to be coincidental.

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