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News last update:6 Aug 2012

K-Tron: New brochure for pet food processors

K-Tron Process Group offers a new brochure that provides an in depth look at the single-source solutions available for feeding and conveying applications in the food and pet food industries.

The brochure details a variety of sanitary feeder models as well as an overview of sanitary pneumatic conveying components and systems available through K-Tron Premier.

Various sanitary feeder models are described, including the Smart Weigh Belt feeder, single and twin screw volumetric and loss-in-weight feeders, twin screw micro-ingredient feeders, and liquid loss-in-weight feeders. Typical applications in food processing include continuous high accuracy ingredient feeding, extrusion, mixing, coating and milling processes, as well as multiple ingredient feeding and recipe control for packaging operations. Multiple ingredient batch weighing via loss-in-weight and gain-in-weight methods is highlighted, with brochure further explaining the volumetric and gravimetric feeding principles using loss-in-weight and the Smart Weigh Belt feeders. 

The brochure offers a complete overview of sanitary pneumatic conveying solutions offered by K-Tron Premier. It provides a definition of vacuum sequencing systems versus continuous pneumatic conveying, as well as a discussion of dense vs. dilute phase vacuum conveying.  An overview of bag dump stations is presented, as well as fluidizing feed bins, Aerolock™ rotary valves, gain-in-weight batch weigh receivers and various flow aid devices.

For more information or to download PDF click here.

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