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News last update:6 Aug 2012

New Zealand pet food factory closes smelly plant

Lovitt's NZ, a Tauranga, New Zealand pet food factory that polluted waterways and generated rotten smells has closed its doors, to the huge relief of neighbours and Environment Bay of Plenty.

Large quantities of offal were used in the pet food canning operation, but the stench got so unbearable during a six-week period before and after Christmas that it was almost unbearable for people in neighbouring businesses to continue working.
Lovitt's had been trading in receivership for over a year and closed its doors a month ago after the pet food operation was sold to an Australian competitor.
Lovitt's had been a large supplier of canned pet food to Coles and Woolworths supermarkets in Australia.
It is understood the manufacturing machinery was being dismantled and shipped to Australia, with job offers to engineering staff prepared to cross the Tasman Sea.
Poor waste storage
The smell problem had been caused by the way manufacturing waste had been stored outside. Instead of being stored in properly sealed bins, it had been stored in skip bins with drainage holes, and not collected on a regular basis.
Liquid from the drainage holes leaked into the site's water disposal system, together with some waste from the factory.
It was said that a new pet food business would start up but not as a canning factory.

Dick Ziggers

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