News last update:6 Aug 2012

Afgritech opens new Aminomax facility

Watertown, New York, USA based Afgritech has finished a $5 million renovation of an old Blue Seal facility in Watertown to manufacture its rumen bypass protein Aminomax.

The company takes soybeans and canola seed and produces a feed that is aimed at providing consistent levels of digestible amino acids to the cow.
AminoMax is designed to meet the dairy cows’ amino acid requirements and allows nutritionists to reduce the amount of crude protein in the diet, maximizing use of forages and fermentable carbohydrates.
University research has shown that when dairy rations are properly formulated with Aminomax, herd economics can be improved and farm odours can be reduced due to lower levels of nitrogen in the urine, making the dairy farm more environmentally friendly.
The manufacturing process was patented by Kansas State University. Its goal is to improve milk production, improve milk components and reduce manure nitrogen levels.
Reducing nitrogen levels helps prevent excessive nitrogen runoff in lakes and streams, which leads to build-up of algae and poor water quality.
Afgritech plans building two more manufacturing facilities in the Midwest and west during the next 10 years. Aminomax also is made in England, South Africa and Argentina.

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