News last update:6 Aug 2012

Brussels to debate GM potato for feed

By-products of potatoes are often used as animal feed, but is it allowed to use by-products of genetically altered potatoes?  EU experts meet in Brussels this week to debate the issue.

Subject of discussion is the Amflora potato, introduced to the market by BASF. The company has submitted an application to the European Commission's panel of veterinary health experts to allow use of the by-product from this potato in animal feed.

Initially Amflora has been developed for its high starch content. It is not primarily intended for use in feed.

Obtain feed-use clearance
However BASF is eager to obtain feed-use clearance from the EU standing committee on the food chain and animal health in case any GM potato by-product ends up being fed to animals.

BASF's earlier application to permit the cultivation of Amflora in Europe looks set to be approved by the Commission. In July EU agriculture ministers could not reach consensus on the approval of the GM-potato. In such a case the EU Commission decides.

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