News last update:6 Aug 2012

Global feed tonnage reaches record 873 million

The world's feed production has reached an estimated 873 million tonnes, according to a global survey commissioned by Alltech. Conducted through Alltech's regional managers, the survey assessed the tonnage of 132 countries and all species.

“This new global estimate is quite significant, especially when compared to the 2010 Watt report, which indicated 717.6 million tonnes,” said Aidan Connolly, vice president of corporate accounts at Alltech.
“Feed production is an increasingly global phenomenon and this survey is the broadest in its reach and, therefore, also complete in terms of its review of the state of play in the world feed industry.”
Leading position for Asia
Asia has secured a role as the number one feed producing region with a tonnage of 305 million, and China is the leading country with a total tonnage of 175.4 million.
Europe follows Asia with 200 million. North America, Latin America and the Middle East/Africa round out the listing with 185 million, 125 million and 47 million respectively.
Poultry feed most global
In terms of species, poultry feed now represents 44% of world feed, which may reflect the cost, health and religious preferences for this white meat.
Ruminant feed is calculated at more than 220 million tonnes but this does not include a similar quantity of dry matter fed as silage or forage on farm.
Pig, equine and pet feeds have not changed significantly, but aquaculture is the fastest growing feed sector, totalling nearly 30 million tonnes.
“As we look to feed 7 billion people in 2012, it is clear that the efficient production of meat, milk and eggs has never been more important,” said Alltech president Dr. Pearse Lyons.
“We have invested in this evaluation of the world’s feed industry as part of our ongoing commitment to information and technology transfer between providers and customers.”

Dick Ziggers

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