News last update:7 Aug 2012

Higher profitability with intelligent feeding

On-farm trials of a new feeding process have shown it is possible to improve profitability in finisher pigs simply by changing the way feed diets are delivered to feeders.

The new process, known as Intelligent Feeding, was developed by US-based Feedlogic Systems, Inc. The process uses a unique delivery system and control software in the barn which allow a producer to blend commercially available diets and more closely match the animals' actual needs. This differs from the more common approach of feeding one diet for a longer period.
Initial trials at a commercial finisher farm showed that blending diets achieved higher quality carcasses and reduced feed costs. Overall feed costs for test pigs fed blended diets were 5.7% or €2.04/pig lower. Combined feed costs reductions and carcass bonuses on test pigs provided €4/pig in greater profitability.

Blending during the first ten weeks also resulted in a measurable reduction in nutrient (nitrogen and phosphate) levels of test pigs, indicating control pigs were being overfed these nutrients. Since more excess nutrients are typically excreted in urine – which was not tested – it is likely that control pigs excreted even higher levels of nutrients than indicated.

The company sees a growing demand for processes such as Intelligent Feeding as feed costs rise. The demand for corn and soy for fuel over the coming years will increase their cost to pig producers. We know that more producers will be looking for alternative ingredients to provide cost-effective sources of energy. To be more profitable, they will need to have tighter control of what is being fed on a day-to-day basis in their barns. according to Drew Ryder, CEO of Feedlogic Systems.

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