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IT-company FMS finalist Tekne awards

Feed Management Systems, Inc. was named as a company finalist for the Technology Company Award - IT, Software & Hardware, Communications and Infrastructure category for the 2007 Tekne Awards.

The Tekne Awards, which will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Centre on November 1, recognizeMinnesota's outstanding technology achievements and leaders that exemplify entrepreneurial spirit and promise continued growth through technology development and/or applications across several categories.

Feed Management Systems (FMS) was chosen as a finalist due to their growing value to the commercial animal feed manufacturing industry in Minnesota and beyond.

As a global software solutions provider, FMS brings a unique skills set to the industry that allows them to function in a collaborative and advisory capacity with its customers.

FMS solutions help manufacturers integrate critical data to help them ensure the safety, quality and affordability of animal livestock feed with the information architecture that ingredient manufacturers, feed mills and producers rely on every day in over 50 countries.

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