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Gafta conducts training course in Cairo, Egypt

Between the 29th-31st March 2010, GAFTA will provide a Grade 2 training course on "Formation & Fulfilment of Contractual Obligations", in Cairo, Egypt.

Students completing this programme should understand the essential rights of the parties and duties incumbent upon them when agreeing to specific contract terms.
Click here to see the full event details including the booking form to register for this event.
GAFTA’s Continuing Professional Development Programme
The A Grade 2 level Training Course is for all participants who have a good general knowledge of the trade.
Delegates attending courses at the Grade 2 level will attain a clear understanding of contractual requirements, arbitral matters, importing, exporting and shipping requirements.
Participants are not required to have completed the Grade 1 – introductory level syllabus but courses at the Grade 2 level are geared towards participants with intermediate levels of knowledge on the themes covered.
All participants attending grade 2 courses are awarded CPD points – on attaining 75 CPD points participants are entitled to sit and complete the GAFTA Trade Diploma

Dick Ziggers

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