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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Bayer CropScience to invest in Australian crop seeds property

Bayer CropScience plans to establish a new breeding centre in the Wimmera region, near Horsham (Victoria, Australia), focused on wheat and oilseeds.

The company plans to invest around €12 million for the new station in Western Victoria. The target is the development of new varieties with higher yields and productivity improvements tailored to Australian conditions.

Bayer’s breeding activities for wheat and oilseeds in Australia will also be coordinated from the new centre.

A long term rental agreement for land on which to build the laboratory and glasshouse facilities have been agreed with Longerenong College and Workco Ltd. Up to 20 full-time employees will work at the centre in the future.

"With the demand for wheat and oilseeds growing worldwide, we drive our efforts towards producing new high-yielding varieties that are better able to withstand pests, diseases and able to thrive under environmental stresses like drought," said Dr. Mathias Kremer, Head of the BioScience business unit at Bayer CropScience.

"We are convinced we can help make wheat and oilseeds farmers in Australia and beyond more productive and sustainable and thus contribute towards feeding this hungry planet." Australia is one of the largest exporters of agricultural products and ranks as the 3rd largest exporter for wheat and the 2nd largest for oilseeds.

Construction of the new breeding centre will commence in the coming months with first local breeding programs expected to yield results for Australian farmers within the decade.


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